1. What is Books2All?

Books2All is a non-profit organisation founded in June 2020, which aims to reduce the rising levels of educational inequality in the UK through a modern, efficient method connecting book donors to schools in need.

2. Why is Books2All operating?

It is simply astonishing that roughly 1 in 8 schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland do not have a library. This disparity is even more pronounced at schools with a high proportion of disadvantaged students. We believe that every student, no matter their background, should have the opportunity to access resources to further their education. By connecting local book donors to schools in need, through a modern and easy-to-use app, we aim to provide resources to children who do not have them; improving educational performance and literacy rates nationwide.

3. When will Books2All launch their app?

Books2All aims to launch our app in the winter of 2020 in Greater London. To find out details about the launch and keep updated building up to it please sign up using our mailing lists.

4. Is Books2All a charity?

Books2All is registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) in the United Kingdom. Charity number: 1191703

The Books2All App will be launched in Winter 2020. These questions are related to the logistics of the app and donation scheme.


1. How do I donate my books?

Sign up to the app through the donor link. Then simply insert your email, location and the distance you are willing to travel to donate the book. After this, you will be asked to either scan the barcode or insert the ISBN number. If your book is requested by a school within your preference area, you will be contacted through the app.

2. How do I select the maximum distance I want to travel to donate my books?

Click on MORE -> SETTINGS, and then use the slider to select what the furthest distance you would like to travel is.

3. Can I select which school receives my books?

No. We aim to ensure an efficient donation process wherein schools looking for the books you are donating “match” with you and request them. This prevents schools receiving donations with vast amounts of unnecessary books.

4. Can I donate directly to schools without going through the Books2All app?

Yes but this process is not always efficient. Often, schools are inundated with donations that they do not actually want, which can overwhelm them if they do not have resources to store them. Our app allows schools to choose the books in demand and match them with the corresponding donor. We hope this modern approach will improve the donation process.

5. Do I have to manually fill in all the book details myself for each book?

No, simply scan the barcode or insert the ISBN. Easy peasy!

6. How do I know my books are useful?

If a school selects your book then it means your book is in demand and will be put to good use.

7. How soon should I drop off the book(s) once I’ve been matched to a school?

We advise that you drop off the book as soon as you can as the selection process means the school is looking for your book. The sooner you donate then the sooner a child in need will receive it. It would be ideal to deliver the book within two weeks of the school matching with you.

8. What shall I do if I can no longer donate to a school that has matched with me?

Get in touch with the school through the email address provided and remove your books from our system.

9. Does the quality of the book matter?

The book should be of good quality. A few scratches or scuffs are not a problem but you should not register the book for donation if:

  1. Pages are missing or have fallen out.
  2. There is graffiti or writing.
  3. The spine is damaged and it is unlikely the book will stay together for long.

10. Can I donate university textbooks?

Currently our app is only working with donations to primary and secondary schools. We aim to expand to universities, libraries and foster homes in the future.

11. Am I donating to individuals or to schools?

You are donating to the schools, who will distribute the book to their students. This means that many individuals could benefit from your donation.

12. What will the schools do with the books I donate?

They will store the books either in a library or another form of storage to give to children who request them.

13. Is there any way I can support Books2All even if I don’t have any books to donate?

Yes! You can join our team as a volunteer or help us with our mission through a donation. Please look at our pages on this website for further details. We welcome any effort to help our organisation.


1. How can my school start receiving donations?

Sign up on the app through the schools link. Here, you will be asked to insert the name of the school and contact information. The email will be verified to ensure school status. Once completed, you will be able to see books available to the school in the local area. You can sort the list by various characteristics including date uploaded and age group Then simply select the books you are searching for.

2. Can I select which books are donated?

Yes. Schools can select the books that will be of most benefit to them through a list of those available in their local area.

3. Can my school donate books?

Currently no. We are launching the app with individual-school book donation. We are working on school-school donation for the future.

4. Can any school use this service?

Technically any school can use this service but our mission is to help those schools with a high number of disadvantaged students. We ask only those schools that have a high number of students eligible for pupil premium or free school meals to use this app.

5. Can I request certain books to be donated?

Only the books shown in the list are those that are being donated in your local area. We cannot arrange donations of books besides those provided in the list.


1. How do I create an account?

When you open the app, click on either the sign up as a donor or sign up as a school.

2. How will my data be used?

Only necessary data for the donation process will be used by Books2All. Please read the Terms and Conditions whilst signing up.

3. How can I delete my account?

Go to the settings page on the MORE menu. At the bottom of this page there will be a button that allows you to delete your account.

4. How do I change my account details?

Go to the settings page on the MORE menu. You will be able to change all your settings as necessary there.

5. Can I create multiple accounts for the same school?

No, we only permit one account to be used per school.