Our revolutionary Books2All app goes live on 22 November!

Contributed by Simon Tilbury

Books2All head of marketing

Mon 4 Oct 2021

Oops! Well that didn’t happen…

Although our lovely Books2All app IS ready to go, there are some delays with making it available on the app stores.

We do apologise and shall keep you posted.

The team here at Books2All is very pleased to announce that our revolutionary Books2All app will be launching on 22 November. We have been working hard for over a year to enable you to donate books to your local schools using the latest technology. And book donors and schools have been registering to use the app since 2020.  

The app is easy to use. You simply scan the barcode from the books you wish to give away, and registered schools then choose which books they would like. This way, they are not inundated with books that are of no use to them. You then deliver the book(s) to the school(s) at a mutually convenient time.  

Books2All blog: Our revolutionary app goes live on 1 November!
Books2All new app uses the latest scan technology

Why we developed the Books2All app

Initially, we will be helping schools in the London area that don’t have libraries or where more than 25% of children receive free school meals. Currently, one in eight schools in the UK do not have a library, and 20% of pupils leave primary school behind in their reading ability.  After the rollout in Greater London, we hope to expand the service nationwide in 2022. 

The app is the brainchild of our founder, Arnav Rawat, who created Books2All in June 2020. We are now delighted to be one step closer to reducing educational inequality and providing opportunities for every child with our dedicated app.  

Books2All blog: Our revolutionary app goes live on 1 November!
Donating books to schools in need is now just a few clicks away

According to the Department for Education, by the final year of compulsory schooling in England, the reading skills of children from disadvantaged backgrounds are, on average, almost three years behind those from affluent homes. Books2All is striving to change that, and our vision is a world where every child finds the books that can help them reach their true potential. 

Friends of Books2All

We’re immensely proud to have the encouragement of several authors, including internationally acclaimed adult fiction writers, SJ Watson and Amanda Prowse. Children’s author Lucy Strange was the first to pledge support as a ‘Friend’ of Books2All, and she was soon followed by others including, Jeremy Strong, Decima Blake, Philip Womack and Diane Chandler

Veteran children’s author, Jeremy Strong, said: “I am honoured to be a supporter of Books2All. It is astonishing that in the 21st century, we still have to constantly remind adults that learning to read is of such importance. It is one of the greatest pillars on which civilisation is built. And getting kids into reading means giving them books. It’s as simple as that.” 

Books2All blog: Our revolutionary app goes live on 1 November!
Books2All Friend Jeremy Strong has written over 100 children’s books

Crime writer, Decima Blake commented: “Books2All’s initiative will help bridge a huge gap in educational inequality, broaden children’s horizons, enhance their social skills and support their emotional wellbeing. That will be invaluable.” 

Amanda Prowse added: “We need school libraries and all children need textbooks! Thank you Books2All for helping to reverse this worrying trend.” 

SJ Watson concurred: “Books2All is an amazing charity”. 

Thank you for visiting our blog. Our vision here at Books2All is a world where every child finds the books that help them reach their true potential. If you have spare books in good condition at home that you think might be appropriate for school children or represent a school and would like to register to receive donated books, please download the Books2All app from the App Store or Google Play

Banner photo courtesy of  Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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