5 Books You Should Read Immediately

With fewer adults and children reading for pleasure, perhaps you need something to start you off. Here are 5 books you should read immediately.

Unveiling Dreams and Flying: Q&A With Catherine Emmett, Author Of ‘The Dodo Who Dreamed She Could Fly’

The Dodo Who Dreamed She Could Fly By Catherine Emmett

The Dodo Who Dreamed She Could Fly by Catherine Emmett is an inspiring story about incredible things that can happen if you dare to give them a try! Beautifully illustrated by Claire Powell, Catherine’s latest book was only released last week. We had the chance to interview Catherine about The Dodo Who Dreamed She Could Fly, dreams, books, and the lessons children can take away from wonderful stories like these.

International Children’s Book Day 2022

International Children’s Book Day (ICBD) has been celebrated by The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) on 2 April every year since 1967 to inspire a love of …

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What makes a good school library?

It isn’t easy to summarise what makes a good school library in just a few points, but here is a selection of what I believe are the key things to …

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The 6 best book club resources for all ages

Reading for pleasure has many known health benefits, and a book club is a brilliant way to maximise your enjoyment. Members meet to share their passion for literature and reduce …

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How can we develop empathy in a child?

How can we develop empathy in a child? Through reading. It’s no secret that reading helps children do better at school, have better outcomes and navigate the complexities of everyday …

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