About Books2All

Founded in June 2020, Books2All is a UK registered charity run entirely by committed volunteers.​

Our Mission​

To reduce educational inequality through a modern, efficient app that matches book donors with local schools that need them most.​

Our Vision​

Every child finds the books they need to  help them reach their true potential.

We believe books can be a great leveller, feeding minds and driving personal growth and social change.​

Did you know that 1 in 8 schools across England, Wales and Northern Ireland do not have a library?

Now live!

Our app is live and schools in Greater London can start receiving book donations and donors can, well, start donating books! We plan to roll out nationwide soon!

Our board and trustees

A photo of Arnav Rawat, CEO and Founder of Books2All.

Arnav Rawat


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A photo of Ina Koch, Trustee of Books2All.

Ina Koch

Treasurer & Trustee

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A photo of Sayonton Roy, Trustee of Books2All.

Sayonton Roy


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A photo of Mark O'Neill, Trustee of Books2All.

Mark O’Neill


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What our team members say

“I joined Books2All because I thought it was a great way for me to make a positive contribution to the opportunities that young students can access.”

Soham Garg – Back-end app developer

“Books are the gateway to a child’s imagination, knowledge and growth. To think that there are huge numbers of disadvantaged children out there who lack this essential resource because of inequality is a social injustice – one that needs to end!”

Nouhaila Idrissi – Marketing

“As a child, I was exceptionally reserved. Reading books gave me self-esteem, motivation, and an intellectual confidence that I struggled to find elsewhere. I don’t think there’s a novel I’ve read that didn’t tilt who I was in some sort of way”

Sahil Gufar – Marketing Assistant

Join us today

If you’d like to help get more books into the hands of school children across the country, then please get involved today and join us in our mission.