About Books2All

Founded in June 2020, Books2All is a registered UK charity that aims to reduce the rising levels of education inequality in the UK.

The Books2All app offers a modern and efficient way to connect book donors with schools in need.

We believe that every student, regardless of background, should have the opportunity to further their education and achieve their potential.

Did you know that 1 in 8 schools across England, Wales and Northern Ireland do not have a library?

By connecting local book donors with schools in need, Books2All aims to provide resources to children who do not have them and improve educational performance and literacy rates nationwide.

The Books2All app on a smart device.

Coming in 2021

Our app is scheduled to launch in 2021. Schools in Greater London and Greater Manchester will be able to register and start receiving book donations immediately. We hope to launch nationwide soon after.

If you’d like to see Books2All operating in your area next, please contact us right away at info@books2all.co.uk.

Our board and trustees

A photo of Arnav Rawat, CEO and Founder of Books2All.

Arnav Rawat


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A photo of Ina Koch, Trustee of Books2All.

Ina Koch

Treasurer & Trustee

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A photo of Sayonton Roy, Trustee of Books2All.

Sayonton Roy


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A photo of Mark O'Neill, Trustee of Books2All.

Mark O’Neill


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What our team members say

“I know the power of access to books and resources. Reading from a young age promotes the development of language skills, concentration and creativity.”

Emma Lyons – Secretary

“I joined Books2All because I thought it was a great way for me to make a positive contribution to the opportunities that young students can access.”

Soham Garg – Back-end app developer

“During my GCSEs, I was given books by older students. These books helped me to fulfil my potential in subjects I was struggling in, and I am so grateful for the help.”

Emma Swirkowski – Marketing

Join us today

If you’d like to help get more books into the hands of school children across the country, then please get involved today and join us in our mission.